The Death by Foui Podcast (& website)

Grant Belous & Curtis Phagoo
Fellow 106.7 The Drive radio DJ, Grant Belous, joins Foui and the Boyz for a little talky-talk about life on radio. Song-writer, Curtis Phagoo sings some fantastic tunes. A round of "Pots or Porn" is played and Havoc tells us "What's Up".

Dex Check Podcast - The new podcast from Death by Foui Productions

Josh from Bikram Yoga
Everyone breathe. Relax. Today's podcast features Josh, owner of Bikram Yoga in Red Deer. We talk about coffee, not caring, and then the practice of yoga. Havoc follows up with some "What's Up?". Namaste.

The Overdue Blues Band
We were overdue to have a blues band on the podcast, so we found one actually called The Overdue Blues Band. We were shocked and amazed and they thrilled us further when the guitar and vocals began. Oh yeah, we talked about stuff too.

The Frank
One of Red Deer's originals, The Frank, joins the DBF team for a little banter about their attempt to permanently cross the 49th parallel and landing on comets. It begins with stalking DJs and we all know it's going to end that way as well. This is a good one, enjoy!